Social Media

A Social Media Evolution: Applying Social Media Inside Your Organization to Enhance Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer

Social media is a reservoir of untapped marketing. In addition to reaching out to external stakeholders, companies can use social media to reach into its internal resources and be greatly rewarded.

- By Joshua Ferdinand

In 2004, Facebook exploded into the online scene. By 2005, nearly every college student in America had an account. By 2006, Facebook had changed the world of communication. What started as a project to connect students at Harvard University developed into a global powerhouse that shaped the way people interacted, businesses marketed, groups protested and revolutions developed.

Social media is the new norm, and its explosive entrance into the public’s daily lives forced businesses to dramatically change their communication systems. Those that embraced the new norm were rewarded handsomely; those that did not were left in the dust.

Today, companies readily embrace social media as an extension (or even the mainstay) of their marketing s...

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