Applying Positive Psychology to Business Coaching in a World of Change

Executive coaching has taken on new importance as stakeholders hold top corporate leadership, including directors, responsible for their decision-making.

- By Ingrid Johnson

Business talk today concerns the multi-faceted impact of the recession and struggling economy on workforces trying to cope in environments marked by cutbacks, increased workloads, concerns about job security, and other stresses. In turn, Human Resources professionals must spend considerably more time dealing with human fears on a routine basis and are as often the messengers of bad news as they are of good news. This is an environment that can take an emotional toll that interferes with the ability to maintain a positive outlook and erodes self-confidence. Offering a strategy for overcoming the negative mindsets is business coaching based on positive psychology principles. The coaching program uses a scientifically-rooted approach to developing and maintaining positive mindsets, helping people...

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