Diversity & Inclusion

Belonging in the Workplace is not the Same as ‘Fitting in’

There is a clear, proven business case for diversity and inclusion. But inclusion often drives "fitting in," meaning people mix with others in the workplace but strive to hide their unique ideas and experiences. The next step after inclusion is belonging in which people are valued for their unique traits.
— By Lisa Trumbull

The typical workforce today is diverse on many levels – racially, gender, age, ethnicity, disability, and even place of work in terms of working remotely or on-site. In the effort to engage such a dynamic workforce, attract diverse people, and strive for an inclusive culture, most companies have developed diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives and invested resources in leadership training on engaging all employees on an equitable basis.

The challenge is that including diverse people does not necessarily mean they have a sense of belonging. Many are "fitting in" which is a process of trying to be like the majority, n...

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