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Bringing Women of Color Into the European Workforce

European nations proactively ensured through legislation that women were included on boards. Now there is increasing attention on the struggles of women of color to be included in the workforce.
— By Jill Motley

Reaching gender parity is a global issue, but even more challenging is reaching parity through inclusion of all women – white and women of color. Some European Union countries have been instrumental in getting women on corporate boards by passing quota laws and implementing other measures to encourage inclusion at the top.

However, there is much more work to do at the lower levels of organizations when it comes to inclusion of women of color in the European workforce and especially breaking into management when fully qualified.

Bringing the Challenges of Women of Color Into the Light
In the EU-28, 46 percent of women were employed in 2019 per Catalyst statistics. In 2018, 48.3 percent were employed. This slip...

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