Leadership Development

Building Leadership Bench Strength for a Global Business Environment

Now, not later, is the time to prepare for leadership succession. Developing a plan for continuously strong bench strength is a plan for long-term success.

- By Dave Desouza

Anyone who enjoys learning the history of commonly used expressions must wonder about the source of the term “bench strength” when used in reference to succession planning and leadership gaps. It reflects America’s love of baseball, as it refers to the skill of players sitting on the dugout bench, ready to step up and play ball as needed.

In baseball, player gaps usually occur because of injuries or sickness. In business, leadership gaps reflect lack of planning. For many businesses, the bench of capable and competent talent is not in a state of readiness to move into key leadership positions as required. Maintaining leadership bench strength is a critical strategy for ensuring there are always developed leaders ready to move the organization forward. It is not simply a strategy for fil...

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