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Caddies Advise Golfers. Who Advises Top Executives?

Pro golfers employ high-paid caddies who likely know the game as well as them in terms of technical details, even if the caddie could not win a championship tournament. Sometimes golfers, like business leaders, refuse to listen and end up paying a high price.
— By Vincent Pane

Pro golfer Jon Rahm was leading at the Players Championship March 17, 2019, at TPC Sawgrass when he and his caddie had a discussion about a second shot on the par-5 11th hole where he encountered a fairway bunker.

Caddie Adam Hayes advised Rahm to "lay up" or play conservatively. Instead, Rahm decided a lay up would create a more difficult next shot, so he went against his caddie's advice and went for the green in two. The end result: He hit the ball into the water and ended up with a bogey 6 on the par 5. From that point on, Rahm was unable to recover and seemed to let his temper affect his playing.

In the business world, top executives, especially the CE...

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