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Carnival Australia Sets Course for Diversity and Community Economic Success

As a cruise ship company, Carnival Australia employs a diverse group of people on its ships. CEO Ann Sherry AO extended that diversity to the ship captains, administrative offices, and supply chain. - By Peter Scott

Behind the scenes of the fabulous cruises offered by Carnival Australia is a woman at the helm of the organization who drives diversity from the top down. Though cruise ship companies tend to grow diversity organically by the very nature of the business, Chief Executive Officer Ann Sherry AO wants it to grow purposefully as part of the business culture.

Her approach is to create a culture of trust, flexibility, and inclusion, rather than trying to micromanage staff working in unknown locations much of the time. Catching up with her in Paris for a chat, it is quickly evident that Ann’s focus is on people. “Our agenda is to make sure we have strong employee engagement because we are ultimately a very strong people-centered business. We wan...

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