Minorities in STEM

Community Colleges Important to Diversifying STEM Workforce

Community colleges play a unique role in the educational system because their traditional student body is heavily inclusive of minorities, women and the economically disadvantaged. Now they are seen as important sources for diversifying the STEM educational and workforce pipelines.
By Malibu Kothari

A persistent perspective in the U.S. is that community colleges are "second-class" higher education facilities. Some believe that people attend these colleges when they are unable to afford a "real college" or do not believe they cannot succeed in a four-year college program. Their traditional student population is viewed as minorities, the disabled, the economically disadvantaged, and those who want to pursue a two-year degree or certificate in something other than science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

So it may be surprising to learn that the Alabama Community College System partnered with the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council t...

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