Denmark Serves Up Green Cities, Fairy Tales and Vikings

A thousand years after the Vikings, a single visit to Denmark makes it is easy to see why they returned home.

- By Pamela Grant

There is a Danish word – hyggelig – that people say is impossible to translate because it is a word that holds feelings and not just meanings. It refers to the cozy hospitality that evokes feelings of well-being. Comfortable, friendly Denmark is the land of fairy tales, wandering Vikings, sustainable cities and Queen Margrethe II, reigning as the first female monarch since the 1300s. This mix of new and old, make-believe and reality, defines Denmark wherever you go. It is a country with a rich history, a passion for culture and the arts, and a determination to be a sustainability leader in a very modern world.

Denmark is comprised of 400 islands. The capital city Copenhagen on the Baltic Seas is filled with the kind of activities and sites familiar throughout Europe, like the stunning 25-acre botanical garden Botanisk Have and the ...

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