Developing Talent and Leadership Ready to Manage India’s Growth

India has experienced explosive growth over the last 25 years. Now there is an urgent need to find and develop the leaders who can manage growth into the future.
- By Dave Desouza

India has been experiencing robust business growth for over 25 years, overseen by a talented group of older executive leaders who are now much closer to retirement. At the same time, Indian companies are going global, culling business partnerships with multinationals while the government encourages foreign investments. The key challenge is developing leadership ready to assume the decision-making roles needed to keep business on a growth trajectory and to be truly competitive on a global basis. This is a setting that applies to many expanding economies, so India serves as a good example for assessing how to best fill the talent pool and develop the next generation of leaders.

The immediate issue is closing the leadership gap by accelerating the process for finding an...

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