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Diversity and Inclusion Foster Success at Campbell Soup Company

In the last decade, US organizations and companies have discovered the need and the benefit of valuing and fostering a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment. Companies understand in doing so, they will be boosting their profits and success. Companies must have a talent management segment to seek diverse talent within minority groups.

Campbell Soup has understood the need for fostering diversity and inclusion in the worker-corporate relationship. Three years ago they brought Rosalyn Taylor O’Neale on board as Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer to oversee and direct the diversity and inclusion strategy for the company.

Ms. O’Neale’s history with diversity began back in the early 1980s at a company that eventually became Hewlett Packard. She built a successful consulting practice through the 1990s and most recently worked with MTV Networks as EVP of Diversity Initiatives. In 2005 she wrote “7 Keys To Success: Unlocking the Passion for D...

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