Life Coach

Do You Have the Work/Life Balance You Crave?

- by Ingrid Johnson

For the professional women of the 21st-century, balancing the expectations of work and home is an art, not a science. However, are you also allocating some ‘you’ time? This article explains how you can do just that.

Today, all you have to do is the washing, the cooking, the business meeting, the parent-visiting, the negotiating, and taking the kids to school – all before midday. Is this healthy? Will you take a moment to stop? If you had a choice, would this be how you choose to spend your time?

It could be argued that you do have a choice to enhance your work/life balance, making more time for yourself. Your New Year resolutions to make more time for yourself might have lasted for a week, but if you immerse yourself back into chaos, you could find that the continuous stress and overwhelming pressure could hinder your productivity overall. So: is there a way to be a high achiever while taking the time to rest and enjoy life? What...

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