HR Strategy

Driving Performance with Earlier Rather than Later Onboarding Strategies

Progressive companies are now starting the onboarding process during the pre-hire employment stage. It is all about helping the employee embrace the brand and culture as quickly as possible to enhance performance and career commitment. - By Sharon Ross

Adults will jokingly say they want to be CEO of a major corporation one day, but what if they are not joking? Managers responsible for onboarding the new generation of employees would likely not be laughing. They are too busy deciding how the pre-hire can begin absorbing the corporate culture before work starts and identifying the development and training opportunities for a career path that strengthens capabilities and leverages the person’s competencies.

The engagement process begins early these days as onboarding programs increasingly serve as a means of advancing the organization in areas of rapid change like social technologies and innovation. Onboarding is a process for acculturation, and that pr...

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