Diversity Asia

Embedding Cultural Knowledge in Talent Management Processes in Asia

In Asia, diversity and inclusion are core principles that can drive innovation and a move toward a knowledge-based economy.
-By Jill Motley

Asia’s remarkable economic growth to date has largely been based on manufacturing and production, both labor-intensive enterprises. The challenge now is finding ways to continue the growth into the future, and that is not likely to happen without strengthening other economic segments, particularly the knowledge-based economy.

The implications are clear. Asian businesses and multinationals operating in Asia need to increase their investments in the development of diverse and inclusive workforces in order to support a culture of innovation. In the talent area, the issue now is finding a way to compete for and engage diverse educated, competent, and capable people who can bring creative thinking and new ideas to the workplace.

Diversity in Asia is unique in that in most areas the populations are homog...

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