Minorities in STEM

Expanding on What Corporations are Doing Right for Minorities in STEM

The numbers tell the true story. The STEM industry around the globe continues to struggle to fill jobs with minorities and women. It is time to expand on what is working for some corporations by directing attention and resources in the right direction.
— By Debra Jenkins

Education and STEM employment are intricately related. A Microsoft survey in Europe found that girls take an interest in STEM at age 11, and by age 15 that interest is lost for many of them. The usual suspects in Europe are the same as those in the U.S. – social and cultural factors and a lack of access to STEM subjects and experiences.

A lack of employed female role models in STEM is just one specific top reason girls lose interest. They also need teachers who are encouraging, and in many schools, they are in absentia. No wonder women remain underrepresented in STEM.

Despite the problems in education, some companies are succeeding in their efforts to increase...

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