Talent Management

Five Trends and Tactics Found in the ‘New Normal’ of Recruiting

Formerly overlooked demographic groups – older workers, visible minorities, the less educated – are today’s hottest recruitment zones, and it is important to understand how best to win in these spaces.
— By Donna Chan

It is official. According to the latest annual survey from the Conference Board, hiring is the no. 1 concern of CEOs around the globe. In Canada, where unemployment rates dropped to 5.5 percent in January 2020, connecting with fresh talent has never been more of a priority. As a result, firms are increasingly looking outside traditional recruiting frameworks and populations.

For firms expanding their talent search to new areas and new groups, what works? It is easy to waste time and money, and garner bad press for missteps. However, it is also easy enough to be smart about recruiting non-typical demographics. Here are five of the biggest trends and tactics to keep in mind.

#1 Social, Social, Social
The ...

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