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Flying High: AirAsia Philippines Success is Testament to Great Management

Starting and growing an airlines is not a simple job because of the complex regulations. It takes high-quality leadership that only comes with a rich and varied experience.

Marianne B. Hontiveros is currently the chairman of AirAsia Philippines Board, but this is a position she assumed only after starting and growing the company. She brought incredible experience to the effort – the kind of experience that develops exceptional leadership skills.

As an affiliate of AirAsia Malaysia, the low-cost airline company focuses on delivering exceptional customer service that is delivered by engaged employees who respect and admire the management.

The story of how AirAsia Philippines was started offers inspiration and a glimpse into an industry that few truly understand and most are only familiar with as customers. The story is one of mastering and maneuvering through complex rules and regulations, proving qualifications to the Civil Aeronautics Board,...

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