Talent Management

Foretelling the Future of Work and Talent Acquisition

The Covid-19 pandemic inspired changes, but they are built upon a transformation already taking place. Looking into the future, technology will continue to drive the way work is performed and where it is performed. The implication is that talent acquisition processes will have to change too to find talent that is adaptable and flexible.
— By Donna Chan

The 2020 pandemic seemed to drive many changes in the way work is performed and where it is performed. In reality, it accelerated changes already taking place long before anyone had heard of COVID-19. In fact, having proved that many jobs could be successfully handled remotely, attention was also turned to other critical issues transforming the workforce. They include continuous technology changes, changing labor force demographics, social justice, inequality driven by organizational environmental decisions, and changes in laws and regulations impacting all of the above. Recruiting and hiring peopl...

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