HR Strategy

Hard and Soft Analytics of the Employee Value Proposition

Businesses must make the right people decisions because every great business hires and retains great people. Human capital hard science analytics can improve decision-making on the soft side of relationships.

- By Sharon Ross

Human capital is the most important element of any successful business because it is humans who innovate and implement strategic initiatives to ensure success. That means the methods used to make people decisions are critical, and that is where it gets murky.

Many companies rely on management gut instincts, developed through experience, to drive people decisions, creating much unpredictability and uneven results. These same companies also find themselves in the slow lane of innovation, effective hiring and retention. A more realistic approach in the fast-paced, technology-based environment is the use of hard data and analytics, softened by the human side of decision-making, to ensure that the full value of the Employee Value...

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