Health Policy Changes Mean a Absence of Expert Advisors

In a topsy-turvy landscape, workers must take time to educate themselves

Understanding healthcare law is rapidly becoming a personal responsibility for U.S. based employees. In previous years, the annual enrollment cycle for American employer-sponsored healthcare programs brought with it a bevy of publications and articles explaining the choices each employee faced. For 2012, many employees will no longer be receiving even a pretense at such advice.

The reason? Guidance is simply not available. 2012 marks the beginning of a new healthcare landscape for many U.S. firms, meaning they haven’t had the lead time or experience with new legislation to develop reliable employee guidelines. Professionals at all levels will therefore have to change their behavior to allow for extensive research into the real costs of their 2012 healthcare choices.

The Legislative Background

The passage of ObamaCare has been followed by selective repeal of its provisions....

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