Special Feature-I

Henryka Bochniarz: Europe's Strong Voice of Diversity

The dialogue on the inclusion of women in Polish and European Union organizations is louder and clearer today because of the decades-long contributions of Henryka Bochniarz. Her perspective and experiences offer lessons on where the dialogue should head next.
By Debra Jenkins

Poland-born Henryka Bochniarz has been on the frontlines of diversity in Poland, the European Union, and the world for that matter. She is an extraordinary woman who has held government and private positions of distinction, founded the Polish Confederation Lewiatan, is a member of international organizations such as BusinessEurope and the European Commission's Enterprise and Industry Advisory Group, and a co-founder of the Congress of Women. Bochniarz was the president of Boeing for Europe for eight years and has even been a candidate for the President of Poland.

Despite these impressive credentials, she is quick to say that one of the highlights of her life has been the...

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