Golf & Strategy

Honing ‘Short Game’ Skills for Success

With universal rules, the golf course becomes common ground for developing successful business relationships.

- By Vincent Pane

Golfer Sam Snead racked up numerous wins including 82 PGA Tour victories, three Masters Golf Tournament wins, three PGA Championships and one British Open. He seemed liked a natural-born golfer, and yet he wrote, “I’d like to have a quarter for every shot I hooked with my natural grip before I developed the unnatural grip that let me hit them straighter.” Though great golfers have ability, they are also persistent when things do not go their way. Instead of giving up, they figure out which skills need developing to capture the next win. In most cases, that means developing both long game and short game shots.

Persistence seems to be something all successful golfers have in common. Kevin Streelman was the winner of the Tampa PGA Championship in March 2013, but 10 years ago he was a caddy on weekends at the Whisper Rock Golf course i...

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