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Implementation: Managing Resistance to Diversity Training

Diversity is becoming an increasingly important facet of business culture in the 21st century. However, when most people think of diversity in business, they tend to think exclusively in terms of a business hiring a diverse body of employees, usually to meet a government-mandated quota of some sort. Ultimately, these tactics do not effectively promote true diversity in comparison to working effectively to integrate diversity into all aspects of a business, even on the supply side. In fact, working with diverse suppliers is an excellent way for a business to reap the advantages that diversity naturally brings to any market. By working with diverse suppliers, including minority-owned businesses, organizations can enjoy a greater range of supplier solutions to their needs, more innovative approaches to filling supply needs, and an assurance that, whatever the strategic context, they will have access to a supplier that can perform as desired. In this sense, adopting a policy of working ...

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