Importance of Gender Pay Equity

Achieving gender pay equity remains a challenge on a global basis. From country to country, it is mostly a matter of the size of the gap rather than whether the gap exists. Some companies make big announcements and issue regular reports on their progress, but gender pay equity is elusive.

The people addressing this issue say in exasperation, "Why don't employers just FIX the problem and pay women on an equal basis as men?" Companies respond, "It's a big, complex issue." CEOs and Human Resources officers promise they are working on the hard problem, and little changes.

One of the reasons the gender pay gap is not disappearing is that many employers do not understand the importance of gender pay equity to company success. They have underpaid women for decades, and the issue is framed within the context of complexity as a barrier to change.

It is difficult to not believe that businesses are over-complicating the issue and are mostly concerned about the im...

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