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Is the “Grip” On Your Business Technically Accurate but Lacking Control?

Being technically accurate does not necessarily produce the best results in golf or business. Success requires having an understanding of all the inputs and the direction they are taking the game or the company.
— By Vincent Pane

Golfer George Archer made an astute observation when he said, “One thing about golf is that you don’t know why you play bad and why you play good.” It is a remarkable observation when you consider how much time most golfers put into getting all the technical details just right so they can control the club. The left thumb must be so-so and the fingers must face a certain way. In the meantime, the hips are wrong, the arms are weak, the mind is distracted, and the distance to the next hole has been misjudged. The end result is three-over-par on the next hole. Business leaders can find themselves in the same type of situation. They seem to do everything right, like set goals and make politically correct statements about diver...

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