It is Time to Move Beyond the One "Big Idea" Innovation Culture

Companies once on top of their game can end up at the bottom of the competitive pile. Businesses can learn from them, and the lesson usually points to lack of innovation.

— By Dave DeSouza

Defining the word “innovation” is not difficult, but its true meaning is elusive. That is what some of Canada’s pioneering technology firms have learned. One company is BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion), now trying to play catch-up and struggling to survive competition. Nortel is now a shell of a bankrupt company, despite once employing over 94,000 people globally. The first point taken from these experiences is that innovation requires nurturing, even if the company started by roaring out of the gate as a technology leader.

Many businesses seem to be excellent at developing technology but have trouble developing and maintaining an innovative culture in a rapidly changing marketplace. The second point taken away from BlackBerry and Nortel, and ...

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