Kraft Foods Drives Partnership of Two MBEs to Achieve Success

When ARI and Nulogy agreed to work together, they had at least one specific goal in mind. The two minority suppliers set their sights on integrating with their mutual customer Kraft Foods in a way that could significantly improve the efficiency of one of Kraft’s new products. This proposal was greatly supported and embraced by Kraft Foods, resulting in a successful case study on how MBEs proactively seek out support from a mutual corporate customer to take ownership in forming an alliance that would deliver innovative solution to create mutual benefits.

Kraft Foods had developed the well-received powdered MiO flavored water enhancer, and its launch represented the first new-category product in 15 years. ARI was selected to provide Kraft Foods with an integrative marketing production and packaging solution to meet Kraft’s unique packaging and display needs. Already a Kraft supplier, ARI was familiar with Kraft’s operations; however, they lacked the ability to offer integra...

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