HR Strategy

Leadership Embraces and Exercises a Vision to Build Corporate Viability

Effective corporations move forward by hiring and developing talent that internalizes its vision.

- By Malibu Kothari

Successful businesses need a vision, but the vision will languish unless there are people able to bring it to life. Companies frequently fail to connect lack of leadership planning with the failure to achieve viability and continuity. Yet, as management guru John Maxwell says, “People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” Companies expecting to lead in the marketplace must have visionary and strategic leadership driving the company forward. When facing an uncertain global economy and striving to achieve sustainability, they should not be focused only on retrenching and cost-cutting. These activities may temporarily increase the bottom line, but do not address viability. Of more importance to continuity are leadership bench strength, key position talent recruitment and retention strategies, and succession planning efforts.


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