Golf & Strategy

Learn a Person’s Golf Temperament for a Competitive Advantage

Golf temperament is a good indicator of office temperament. If poor shots lead to on-course tantrums rather than more effort, it may be time to rethink doing business with that person.

An executive or manager, like a golfer, is involved in a mental game every day. There are traps to overcome, unexpected conditions requiring rapid decision making, frustrating partner or player issues to resolve, and strategic moves to plan to win the game. How a person responds to unpredictable conditions reveals the true competitive nature. A lot can be learned about a person just by observing responses to circumstances that occur suddenly and unexpectedly. There is no better place to do so then on a golf course where weather, playing partners, and poor golf shots can present spur-of-the-moment challenges that can be met with professionalism or club throwing.

The golf course is like a mini-business environment in that it has all the essential elements. Though the golf course design r...

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