Leverage the App into a Customer Relationship

Mobility is changing the way businesses connect with customers. Now apps are proving to be the ideal tool for unleashing mobility’s full power as a value creator. - By Karen White

Enterprise mobility is a broad term that encompasses the use of mobile technology in a business context. It includes people using mobile devices to complete business tasks out of the office and also embraces e-commerce. The full power of e-commerce is found in the ability to improve the customer experience and to increase revenues.

The well-designed app is proving to be a true workhorse of customer engagement, revenue generation, conversion of browsers to buyers, and brand strengthening. It is easy to create an app, but there are a few principles to adhere to when moving into the world of e-commerce apps in order to fully leverage their ability to contribute to business success through customer relationship management.

More Than an App
Apps are rightf...

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