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Minority Business Owners Successfully Accessing Capital

Success in virtually any contemporary business market requires that organizations operate from as strategically advantageous a position as possible. For new entrants into a market, one of the primarily determinants of advantage, at least in terms of objectively measurable resources, is access to capital. Since the late 1990s and early 2000s, many young entrepreneurs have been able to make a name for themselves after acquiring startup capital to fund their innovative ideas from risk-taking venture capitalists.

While the trend has cooled off somewhat, there is still a major need for small organizations to seek out capital to fund either a startup, or an expansion of an already-existing small business. Unfortunately, there is a historical precedent for minority entrepreneurs having lesser access to capital and funding opportunities. This is detrimental, not only to the minority business owners, but also to the market as a whole, which would undoubtedly benefit from the introductio...

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