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Name a Potential Investment Area and Finland Has Opportunities

Finland is a country ripe for foreign investments as all the forward-looking industries are on a growth trajectory. From the bioeconomy to ICT to R&D, there are opportunities in all directions.
By William Bell

There are many reasons international companies and entrepreneurs are attracted to Finland, but topping the list is a healthy supply of opportunities in high-tech and growth industries. These are industries that will shape the future of the world from the quality of life to the way people work.

It is like a who’s-who of cutting-edge industries that include information and communication technology (ICT), renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, health care, biomedical, and cleantech. More traditional industries like forest and mining are also thriving.

Sweetening the deal is the fact foreign companies get the same benefits and access to technology as Finnish firms.

Location, Location, Location
Finland’s advantages...

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