Neuroscience Meets Business Coaching for Successful Business Results

Brain-based coaching begins with the principle that the human brain is remarkably adaptive. Synthesizing neuroscience and coaching can achieve remarkable results within a short period of time.

- By Ingrid Johnson

A coaching system works to close gaps between where a person wants to be and where the person is now. It is effective for initiating directed change and driving exceptional results through a powerful alliance formed between the coach and trainee. That is how Dr. David Rock, founder of the NeuroLeadership Group describes the coaching process. Rock is the author of the business best-seller ‘Your Brain at Work’ (HarperBusiness, 2009), as well as ‘Quiet Leadership’ (Harper Collins, 2006) and the textbook ‘Coaching with the Brain in Mind’ (Wiley & Sons, 2009).

The system sounds traditional until discovering Rock’s Results Coach Systems Coaching Model is underpinned by neuroscience. His brain-based approach begins by questioning how coaching can help th...

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