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Not Enough: Putting Women on Boards is Just a Start

Putting women on boards is just a start toward achieving gender equality in business. Women should also be moving into executive and senior management positions, meaning real progress comes from the bottom up.
By Anna Gonsalves

When Germany passed a 2015 gender quota law for corporate boards, it was hailed as yet another country saying enough is enough. Prodding through voluntary quotas, public pressure, and mandatory disclosure of diversity statistics were not producing the desired results. So countries like Finland, Norway, France and recently Germany passed quota laws to great applause, but it is only one step in the effort to achieve true gender equality.

There are only so many board seats, and the requirements to fill a seat usually require CEO experience. It is a catch-22. If women are not hired as corporate CEOs, they are deemed not qualified to hold board seats.

Achieving real gender equality takes more than board quotas. It t...

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