Organizational Coaching Helps People Rise to Their Level of Leadership

Coaching develops in-house leaders for succession. What many do not realize is that a quality program also improves individual position performances specific to the organization, enhancing business results long before succession takes place.

- By Ingrid Johnson

It was not surprising to company insiders that Ursula M. Burns became the CEO of Xerox in 2009, a company with sales half in and half out of the U.S. Thirty years ago, she was recognized as a leader almost immediately and now has deep industry knowledge and highly developed technical skills as a mechanical engineer by training. What was surprising to people outside the company was that she is an African-American, making her the first to assume the top position of a Fortune 500 company operating worldwide. Several days after the announcement of her promotion, she flew to Europe to meet with staff and get their ideas on how to rebuild Xerox’s customer base. The fact that she did not take time to celebrate her ...

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