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Re-thinking Emerging Markets for Global Investment

BRIC is waning as the go-to set of emerging economies, so what next? Volatile markets are leading businesses to look further than BRICS.
- by William Bell

For 15 years, Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) have consistently been the key countries targeted by corporations for global expansion. A growing middle class, welcoming governments, and plans for country-wide development made BRIC seem like an unlimited opportunity for foreign investments. Along came the recession, a faltering Chinese economy, and a world in turmoil, all impacting currencies and supply chains. BRIC’s economic growth has been impressive, but the picture is changing as the economies slow. At the same time, other emerging markets are developing and posting strong growth, like Mexico, Malaysia Indonesia, Nigeria, and others.

Smart businesses are reconsidering their strategic investment approaches in light of these changes, but one thing is certain: Investing in emerg...

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