Diversity Europe

Recognizing and Overcoming 'Diversity Fatigue' in the Workplace

Employees developing diversity fatigue are less likely to listen to diversity and inclusion messaging. Employers must overcome the fatigue to continue realizing the advantages of a cohesive diverse workplace.
By Anna Gonsalves

As Europe copes with an influx of immigrants and refugees, coupled with globalization of businesses, organizational leaders are faced with diversity fatigue in the workforce. Many people are growing weary of hearing about diversity which lessens the impact of the message of inclusion. Europeans are regularly confronted with lecturing politicians; community challenges, as people arriving on Europe's shores strain compassion and resources; and employers requiring diversity training.

Diversity fatigue in the workplace makes it much more likely employees are tuning out the inclusion message. Workers who ignore the message in the workplace can undo much of the progress an employer has made toward developing an inclusive culture ...

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