The principle of diversity and inclusion is different from country to country. The global company Siemens found the common link in respecting people as human beings, no matter what characteristics they possess.
By Simone Summers

Janina Kugel, chief Human Resources officer and member of the managing board of Siemens AG, has a full plate of responsibilities. She is responsible for the HR function world-wide; the chief diversity officer; and oversees employee health and safety. Kugel also is a member of the managing board of Siemens AG, a German conglomerate company.

Joining in 2001, she is a woman who has a global perspective having worked for Siemens in Germany, Beijing and Italy. Getting a chance to interview her at the 2017 Global Summit of Women was an opportunity to learn her evidence-based perspective on global diversity.

People Viewed Through the Human Being Lens
The word "diversity" has different meanings in diffe...

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