Social Media

Rewriting the Rules of CRM in the Social Media Age

Social media changes the playbook for Consumer Relationship Management.

- By Joshua Ferdinand

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has operated by the same rules for years. The first rule was that businesses were responsible for choosing the time, place and type of customer interactions. Along came social media and the first rule was tossed out, along with much of the rest of the playbook. People are now free to interact with each other, access businesses without talking to a single person, share experiences about products and services, comparison shop with ease, and shift over to a competitor with a click of a mouse. Traditional CRM strategies simply do not fit this dynamic environment because they do not recognize the fact that the power has shifted to the consumer. Now, by integrating social media and CRM, companies must pull in customers through interactions that often have nothing to do with selling.

Originally, CRM was a strategy focused on increasi...

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