It is easy to espouse principles of gender diversity, but what does it take to apply them with success? Talk to someone with a long career in global business development and some surprising advice emerges.

Richard Evans has been the Executive Chairman of Constellium since 2012 and has almost 47 years of experience in the aluminum industry, during which he has steered various companies through mergers, recessions, globalization, civil unrest, and skilled labor shortages. Constellium is the latest endeavor.

The company is a global sector leader in designing and manufacturing innovative and value-added aluminum products and solutions, primarily for the automotive, aerospace, and packaging markets. It is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands and was created when Alcan Engineered Products was sold by Rio Tinto. Alcan Engineered Products was a company that was formed through various mergers and acquisitions between Alcan, Pechiney, and Alusuisse. Richar...

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