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Rising up the Middle Class: India Moves Toward Becoming an Economic Power

The image of India is often one of extreme poverty and a struggling economy. The federal government is changing that image with definitive reforms to move people into the middle class.
— By Anna Gonsalves

Saying change is never easy for people is an understatement, and in India, it is more of a challenge than most developing countries face. With approximately 1.37 billion people and a federal parliamentary democratic republic form of government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken on the enormous challenge of modernizing the country, attracting foreign investors, and growing the middle class.

With a big shift in focus on high productivity sectors, like services and industry, and increasing consumerism, international businesses have a variety of opportunities to grow their businesses while accelerating India’s economic growth.

Past and Future Decade of Growth
Modi became prime minister in 2014 and has strived to br...

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