Human Capital & Strategy-III

River of Creative Thinking: Mindfulness in the Corporate Setting

Mindfulness is often viewed as yet another esoteric theory that has little practical application. The truth is mindfulness is proving to be a powerful tool for promoting innovation and creativity in the workplace.
By Joseph Warren

One of the consequences of technology has been mental overload as cell phones constantly ding; emails demand answers; web Face Time meetings are held at any time; mobile phones turned work into a 24/7 proposition; and technologies require near constant attention in terms of upgrading, tweaking, and repair.

The typical employee mind is having enormous difficulty focusing on what is really important, leading to higher levels of stress and lower productivity. There are few opportunities for creative or innovative thinking due to the ongoing mental struggle to cope with the constant information flow.

Organizations are increasingly embracing mindfulness programs to help employees focus nonjudgmentally in the presen...

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