Social Media

Social Media is Promoted to the C-Suite

Executives may be quick to say there is not enough time to learn and use social media. They would be surprised to discover the benefits they are missing out on.
By Joshua Ferdinand

Social media is working its way up the corporate ladder. A growing number of C-suite executives are using social media, and for good reasons that include transparency and the ability to follow industry conversations. Many executives remain leery of using social media for an equal number of reasons that include the risk of brand damage and time.

The key to ensuring the good reasons outweigh the risks is for those who are savvy about the business use of social media to help top executives become successful social influencers whether in the office, traveling, attending conferences, or at home.

Power to Connect with Variety of Stakeholders
Social media gives executives the power to connect directly with stakeholders, giving them a powerful communi...

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