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Staying Focused: Understanding Mindfulness and Its Benefits

Mindfulness is now practiced by some of the world's largest companies, but it is still viewed by more as an esoteric philosophy with little meaning for the workplace. What is mindfulness, and how does it benefit workers?
By Lisa Trumbull

Tell people that mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism, and the term is filed away in many minds as yet another feel-good religion-based fad that has little application in the workplace. Yet, it is a practice that is taking root in the corporate world as awareness of its benefits to leadership and workers grows.

Understanding the fundamentals of mindfulness theory is the first step toward harnessing its advantages. As a philosophy and practice, mindfulness is applicable across personal and work lives as it raises the state of awareness without judgment of the moment, no matter what the moment might be. This leads to emotional regulation and has significant implications for reducing stress, judgment, and mental...

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