Staying Focused on Building a Better Workplace

It seems like the world is in constant turmoil today, and the turmoil impacts people's lives in many ways. What affects people in their personal lives is not left at the front doors of the various workplaces. This is especially true since so many employees now work at home. Employees struggle to pay down debt, manage the cost of healthcare, master ever-changing technologies, deal with the stress of traveling in a violent world, and job security. This is just a short list of their worries.

Employers are also struggling. They struggle to build businesses that can find some kind of solid footing in a volatile business marketplace. It is difficult when there are so many risks like natural disasters disrupting operations without warning, disgruntled employees, and startups that now have easy entry into the marketplace. Employers must also worry about the impact of tax reform, drug use in the workplace, global hackers, a constant flow of new regulations, managing globalization,...

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