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Suriname: Working to Assume a Larger Role in International Markets

As Suriname continues to improve its economy and government processes, businesses are looking more closely at this country for investment.
By William Bell

Tucked between French Guiana and Guyana with Brazil to the south, the Republic of Suriname quietly goes about its business. With the Atlantic Ocean forming the northern border, Suriname is the smallest independent South American country. It is a small country that is diligently working to take its place in the international trade economy and to attract Foreign Direct Investment.

As the country's economy grows, there are increasing opportunities for new businesses and expanded import/export opportunities across industries from mining to industry. Suriname continues to work to streamline some of its government processes, but opportunities exist now for those businesses looking for untapped markets.

Full of Promise
Geographically, Suriname has two distinct regions. One is t...

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