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Sustainability Triple Tags Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing turns product lifecycles, and not just end-products, “green”. It is the next stage in the evolution of sustainability certification.

Children play a game called “Tag! You’re It!” in which they run around and try to touch or tag someone. Sustainability has been a bit like that game because it has tagged different stages of the product life cycle like retailing (plastic vs. paper bags) and landfills (recycling) and consumer buying practices (organic vs. synthetic fabrics). However, it has been a piecemeal approach in the past. Now sustainability has tagged manufacturing, and it is going to change much more than just the way products are assembled.

Sustainable manufacturing in its largest sense is about considering every stage of a product’s sourcing, production, sale and final disposition. It is a triple tag with one tag for using sustainable materials, one tag for sustainable manufacturing of products, and a third tag for sustainable d...

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