Special Feature

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion Says “Bring the Differences”

The goal of diversity and inclusion is not to bring people “in line” with existing norms. It is to let them bring differences that lead to innovative thinking and approaches.

- By Ricardo NuneThe “illusion of inclusion” is a term that Steve Humerickhouse uses to refer to companies that hire diverse peoples and then work to bring them “in line” so everyone is the same. The problem with that approach is that it erases differences. As the Executive Director of The Forum on Workplace Inclusion at the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas, in Minnesota, his goal is to bring people together through conferences and workshops in a way that promotes new ways of thinking because traditional approaches suppress innovation. To achieve this goal, he focuses on the content of the annual business gathering, but this is not your “father’s conference,” as he puts it. Steve delves into the Forum’s content and ensures that co-creation defines innovative presentations that ...

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