Using Neuroscience to Engage JV Talent

Neuroscience is learning why people are inherently afraid of change. The implication for business is that any major change, like new joint ventures, will provoke fear in the brain, the exact opposite reaction that leadership needs.
By Lisa Trumbull

Change is difficult for humans to manage, and there is a biological reason. Change triggers the fight or flight defense in the brain, but neuroscience has made another interesting discovery. Emotional fear and physical pain are activated in the same part of the brain – the social brain – and the social part of the brain works to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

Knowing this, it should not be surprising that Joint Ventures (JVs) tend to inspire stress and even physical pain because forming a JV is a major change. Change often leads to conflict because ancient neural networks attempt to protect a person from danger.

As neuroscience learns more about how the brain works, it is becoming clear that cre...

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