Using Technology as a Communication Tool for Successful M&A

During a major change, the factor that most determines long-term success or failure is people. Technology can influence culture, perspectives and behaviors.
By Dave Desouza

A merger or acquisition (M&A) brings a company important advantages, like access to new or expanding markets and technologies, and creating greater shareholder value. The strategic advantages come with a price though. Merging two corporate cultures is challenging with the integration of two companies disruptive for people on both sides of the equation. Key employees are at risk of leaving in search of more stable work environments, and remaining employees live with the fear of unknown work redesign or layoff.

Skillfully leading employees through the disruption requires having senior leaders and managers who know how to build a new culture and include all employees in the process. Technology is at the center of the effort because it enables leaders at all levels to engage e...

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